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How to Set Up Your First Amazon PPC Sponsored Ads Auto Campaign

amazon ads

All successful amazon sellers use Amazon’s sponsored ads platform.
In fact I would go so far as to say that you cannot be really successful unless you are doing some type of advertising as a seller on Amazon.

It is important to remember that the huge number of people who are looking on Amazon are usually looking to buy, not just browsing, so as a seller you should position yourself to get found by those buyers as frequently as possible. Buyers who are looking for your product!

As an Amazon seller, there is no better place to spend your advertising budget than on Amazon itself.  Spend money with Amazon on their ads platform and they will reward you with more sales and better keyword ranking.

Sounds perfect right? Well of course as with anything there is a learning curve.

It can take a while to get traction on a product on Amazon. Getting organic traffic can take time.

So, as a seller of a brand new product, which you need to get in front of potential customers as soon as possible, then Amazon’s Sponsored Products platform is massively important.

Eventually as you get seen more and more, you will get more and more organic traffic and investment in PPC will continue to help you with this.

It is very easy to set up Amazon PPC campaigns. What is much more difficult is analysing the results of your campaigns, and deciding how to best control the traffic flow, and bidding structure of those campaigns.

But for a brand new, just launched product then you will need to start with an ‘auto’ campaign.

Bear in mind though before you start to pay Amazon for ads you must have prepared your listing properly and this will be the topic for another post.

Let’s demonstrate how to get this first Auto Campaign set up correctly.

How To Set Up An Amazon Auto PPC Campaign.

Step 1

Sign into your seller central account and go to Advertising>>Campaign Manager.


Step 2

Click the orange ‘Create Campaign’ button

create campaign

Step 3

You will then be presented with this page

auto campaign

So let’s first discuss the naming of your campaigns.

This may be your first product but remember you are going to have more products in the future so I always name my campaigns with the name of my product.

So if you are selling a silicone glove then you can name your campaign ‘Silicone Glove Auto’

You then need to set a daily budget and if you are just staring out you will be nervous about spending too much, so set an initial $5 or $10 daily budget.

You can elect to set an end date if you wish, but you want to leave this campaign running for at least 2 weeks before you even look at it again. So it is your choice whether you select an end date. Personally I always have auto campaigns running but that is a topic for another post.

Then you select a targeting type.

I have said that you need to start with an auto campaign so let me explain why this is so.

For a newly launched product on Amazon an automatic PPC campaign allows Amazon to ‘crawl’ your listing and to see what keywords you have in there, and whether Amazon properly recognises what your product is all about, and for which keywords and phrases it thinks you should be appearing for in the search results.

So this initial auto campaign is very much to gather data, and for you to analyse which search terms Amazon is selecting for your product listing.

If, after running this campaign for 2 weeks, you find that actually Amazon are a little way off the mark  with their campaign results, then you have the opportunity to revisit your listing and amend it. In other words if you analyse the campaign results – and I will tell you how to do this later – and discover that Amazon are coming up with search terms about silicone baking sheets, when your listing is for silicone gloves then you can look at your listing and search terms and make it more relevant for Amazon search.

Once you have entered your campaign name, daily budget, and targeting type then click on the next step.

Step 4

Next you get the opportunity to name your ad group and in this case I suggest you name the ad group the same as the campaign so in this case – ‘Silicone Gloves Auto’

name the ad group

Step 5

You now need to set a default bid for the ad group

default bid

What this means is that when you set your daily budget and your default bid, then you are determining how many clicks per day you can get – in other words if your daily budget is $10 and your bid is $1 per click then you can get a maximum of 10 clicks per day. If your daily budget is $10 and your bid is 50c you can get a maximum of 20 clicks per day.

For your first campaign I recommend you set it to $1

Step 6

Now you need to select your product and if you only have one product then select that from the box which you will see just below the default bid.

choose product

If you selected Auto campaign then you have now finished setting up your first PPC campaign.

Click save and finish and you are all set.

The next page will tell you that your campaign has been set up successfully.

The Auto campaign means that Amazon will now go out and present your ads to the searchers whom it considers the most relevant based on the content and keywords in your listing, and is therefore the campaign you should start with to validate your listing.

It is important that you give the system enough time to gather some meaningful data so leave the campaign running for a minimum 2 weeks. Do not worry about looking at any results for at least 2 weeks, so make sure that you are prepared up front to spend 14 days x the amount of your daily budget without getting anxious about it.

In another post I will tell you ‘How To Analyse Your Results of this First Auto Campaign‘, and what your next steps should be.

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