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Amazon as a platform has an amazing conversion rate compared to other ecommerce platforms. There is a strong sense of trust when shopping on Amazon. We trust them with our credit card details. We trust them to deliver quickly. We also know that we can easily return an item if necessary.

These phenomenal conversion rates can be achieved by individual sellers on Amazon, but once you have got that all important prospect to your Amazon listing page, are you giving them all the information they need to make a purchasing decision, and therefore maximising the chance of a sale?

First impressions really do count and the higher your conversion rate the more you sell and the more you profit.

Maximise your conversion rate by standing out from the crowd and turn those prospects into customers.

There are 10 key factors that should be considered in the optimisation of your Amazon listings, not necessarily in order of importance:-

  1. Price
  2. Images
  3. Brand
  4. Reviews
  5. Feedback
  6. Product title
  7. Product bullets
  8. Product description
  9. Keyword placement
  10. Persuasive language

During the course of your journey with me around this site you will see articles about all 10 optimisation factors in this ‘INCREASE CONVERSIONS’ category.

Implement as many as you can because competition can be fierce and it is so important to differentiate your listing and really stand out from the competitors.