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Using the Advanced Order Search Report


Which reports do you need to monitor your daily Amazon sales?

How do you know how many pending items you have outstanding in your account?

How do you search for orders by individual ASIN’s?

There are many options and ways to achieve daily sales results.

Here I will share with you what I do each day to monitor daily sales results on Amazon, and perform advanced searches on my sales data.

On a daily basis when I get up in the morning I like to check the previous days sales, and also to see if we have sold any on the current day.

I sell in the US and live in the UK, so I bear in mind the time difference, and you quickly get used to what time of day your sales usually start to come in.

So to check my sales I always go into Amazon seller central, and from the nav bar click on Orders >> Manage Orders

You can then click on ‘advanced search’ at the top:

manage orders

You will arrive at this screen:

order screen

On this screen you can search by the following criteria:

  1. ASIN
  2. Buyer email
  3. Listing ID
  4. SKU
  5. Order ID
  6. Product Name
  7. Shipping Service
  8. Tracking ID

search by

Or you can specify an exact date or a date range

In the order status box you can search by:

  1. Cancelled orders
  2. All orders
  3. Unshipped orders
  4. Pending orders
  5. Shipped orders

search by status

So every morning I go here and search by today’s date in the exact order date box:

exact date

If there are no orders yet it will say so otherwise you will get all orders placed on a screen like this:

all orders

This was Cyber Monday hence the high number of orders – i wish my sales numbers looked like this every day!

So on this screen I can refresh and see the latest numbers for that day – this screen is updated most frequently of all the reports.

You can also check your sales simply from the dashboard here in the sales summary widget, but this is not updated instantly as in the other report.

sales widget

My partner likes to use the Amazon app which looks like this, but again can display delayed results.


So that is how I check my sales throughout the day.

Another useful feature of this report is to check on pending orders.

We need to know how much income we will be getting into the bank account for each 2 weekly period and you can see the progress of payments from this widget – the payment summary widget.

payment widget

The balance number will increase as Amazon ship each unit sold.

To discover how many pending or unshipped orders you have you can use the options on the manage orders report, in the advanced search option.

Enter a date range, and enter pending in the order status and search. Or you can search for pending orders on a specific ASIN if you have more than one product.

This will tell you how many orders are still pending and waiting for Amazon to ship.

The ship date will depend on the amount paid for shipping, and as each unit ships Amazon post the balance after their fees into your account, and at that point the balance in the payments summary widget will increase, and will decrease if you get a refund.

If you know how many pending orders you have for each product, and you know how much Amazon pays you, which you should know of course, then you can easily estimate your payouts. Amazon pay you per unit, the sale price minus Amazon seller fees, handling fee, pick and pack fee and weight handling fee.

Check this article to make sure you are calculating your Amazon seller fees correctly.

This allows you to gauge how much more you will receive into you bank on the allocated payment date.

I hope that has helped to illustrate some of the uses of the Advanced Orders Search Report.

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