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What Is A Social Media Influencer & How Can They Help Me?

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Are you using social media for your commerce business?

Yes of course you are, BUT is it working for you?

If not start by considering which social platforms you are using, and think about which best meets your particular niche.

When we started growing our community, we began with Instagram.

This is what we did on a daily basis:-

  • Posted once or twice a day.
  • Ran a monthly giveaway competition.
  • Set up an automated tool to gather followers.
  • Interact with community every day.
  • Do not market too soon.
  • Build followers first, get better known, and then gradually introduce our products.

This worked well for us, so by the time we did start to pop in our products, our followers trusted us more. We weren’t an unknown quantity, we had been running competitions and publishing and featuring our winners, and therefore building trust that we were around to stay.

Yes, we have a very visual niche but lets face it, these days, no matter the niche, visual content is the way to go.

Start off on one platform and get that growing before moving on to the next one. Yes, claim your names on all the sites, and start to post a few posts, but really plan to focus all your efforts on one at a time, until it is working and bringing you the results you desire.

If your Insta followers are still growing painfully slowly, or your tweets are not getting retweeted, your pins not getting repined and your Facebook page is a wasteland, then a good way to increase your community is to find social media influencers.

OK, so what is a social media influencer, and how do I find them?

A social media influencer is someone who is very active on social media and who has a lot of followers.

If you can get the right influencers, who are congruent with your brand, then it can have a huge and positive effect on your business.

Consumers nowadays trust recommendations from third parties more than from the brand itself and so to have someone promote your brand who is not directly connected to you, and who already has a huge and loyal following is a great boost.

It is important to find the right influencers, the ones who fit your brand, who really believe in your brand, and whose followers are your ideal target audience.

This is very important since, for example, a 21 year old male who creates You Tube videos about computer games, and has 300,000 subscribers is certainly massively influential, but only to someone in that niche. If you were promoting make up then his subscriber base would be useless to you. Obviously that is an extreme case, but I wanted you to understand the importance of the influencer’s followers having as close a match as possible to your followers.

How do we find these appropriate influencers?

Lots of the tools that can be used to find influencers are paid tools, and so I am just going to focus on the free tools and strategies available.

First of all take a look at

You can sign in with your Twitter account and for a free account you can search bios for your specific keywords, and the results will show you the Twitter users who have this keyword in their bio, and you will see their numbers of followers and how many they are following.

You can sort by social authority, because this shows you the people who have the most influential people following them.

There are going to be some irrelevant results in there, but you will also get lots of relevant results. Look at the list and look at those people who may be a good fit for you.  Follow them on Twitter, and then try to build a relationship with them.

You can do this by starting to share their stuff, retweet their tweets and try to engage with them as much as you can. Then you could ask them if you may send them a free product, and if they like it they could tweet about it.

Buzzsumo is a free tool that is promoted as a research tool and allows you to analyse best performing content.

Use the “Influencers” tab and search by topic to find the influencers on that topic on Twitter.

Results can be sorted and filtered and exported to analyse further.

Klout is a service that analyzes individual social network content, and calculates a Klout score.By entering a search term you can get results of influencers that Klout identify as experts on that topic.

Don’t forget the usual social media rules apply when searching for influencers to help build your brand. Get to know people first, give them time to get to know and like you as a trustworthy business person.

Be interested in them, build that relationship and help them before asking for anything in return.

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